Reva Guimont Retires After 19 Years of Dedicated Service

EPU was established forty years ago, and many of its staff are longtime employees, dedicated to serving children and families with extraordinary developmental and medical delays year after year. Reva Guimont, our fearless Family Resource Center manager, retired this month after 19 years of dedicated service to the EPU Children’s Center. Read her sentiments below:


“When I think about the 19 years  I spent at the EPU Children’s Center, I see the faces of whom I’ve created precious relationships with– those who are dedicated and committed to the work of families. The Family Resource Center staff working hard to bring knowledge to the families through training and clinics, but most importantly, supporting families so they know they’re not alone. As I walk down the hall, I see Infant Family Program staff working in the Infants’ Nests, as they build confidence in the family for their newly diagnosed child. Valuable Play and Grow staff working on projects with our children in the Clubhouse, toddler rooms or comforting and engaging babies in our baby room. The Assessment Center’s evaluations that validate families’ initial concerns, with CSCs dedication to guiding families through case management, Incredible Years classes and more. Then there’s our one of a kind One Call For Kids program, who professionally triage families with the goal to connect them with the right agency or services. And never forgetting our fearless Learning About Parenting team, whose goal is to build the strength in the families to achieve family unity. A big thanks to all our administrative and data team that quietly keep us going. You are not forgotten.” – Reva Guimont

We thank Reva for serving countless Fresno County children and families for nearly two decades.

“You’re off to great places, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…. get on your way.”