The EPU Children’s Center Partners with the Valley Dream Center to Provide Services in South Fresno

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Alene Istanboulian

The EPU Children’s Center Partners with the Valley Dream Center to Provide Services in South Fresno

August 22, 2017—FRESNO, Calif. — The EPU Children’s Center continues to stretch to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families in the Central Valley by offering family-focused care at the Valley Dream Center in South Fresno. These specific 93703 and 93702 neighborhoods have the highest rate of poverty, crime and drug use in the Central Valley, leading its families and children into crisis. EPU is committed to ending generational cycles of abuse and neglect, thus the dire need for expansion into this underserved population of Fresno County.

EPU’s Learning About Parenting program staff are bringing their expertise to the Valley Dream Center through a new program called “Project H.O.P.E.”, short for “Helping Others Persevere and Excel.” Project H.O.P.E. adds parental support classes and child development programs to the already existing, robust community services available at the Valley Dream Center, including G.E.D. classes, Gangland redemption programs and more.

EPU’s Licensed Marriage and Family Counselors, Case Managers and Child Development Specialists will collaborate with the Valley Dream Center, adding this much-needed element of parenting and family-focused support to complete its suite of resources. Project H.O.P.E., is comprised of both in-home case management and center-based services. Specialists will link families to available resources, teach them how to advocate for their family’s needs, secure assessments for their children and provide parent education.

“The EPU Children’s Center is committed to bettering the lives of children and families in Fresno County. Our expansion into South Fresno allows EPU’s highly trained case managers to serve Fresno’s most underserved population,” said Kathleen Price, EPU’s Chief Development Officer. “EPU is uniquely qualified to serve this new demographic and enrich the lives of our community members. We’re proud to expand our reach and partner with the Valley Dream Center, while EPU continues to serve our existing clientele in Fresno.”