Awesome Alexander: #EPU40

“After working with Stacy for the last two years, Xander has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only does she help Xander at EPU once a week, but she also helps me as a mother.” – Ashley, Xander’s mom.

Learn about this fantastic family in this week’s edition of the #EPU40!

What brought you to EPU? 

Alexander (Xander as we call him) was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus at my 20 week anatomy scan. He had his first brain surgery to place his shunt at 1 day old, an another at 10 months old to fix it after it malfunctioned. Xander also has an under active thyroid which took months to diagnose, and even longer to get his medication adjusted correctly. But, by the time he was 3 months old, it was evident that he was starting to fall behind developmentally.

What is your experience with EPU?

We were recommended to EPU and that’s where we met Stacy, and Stacy has been amazing from the very beginning.  You don’t realize how significant the little things are until you find yourself longing for them. Becoming overjoyed when your baby is finally able to hold a toy in his hand, when he finally learns how to use his hand purposely. Even if it’s just to put the toy in his mouth, it’s amazing because he was finally able to…. On purpose! Jumping for joy when he figured out how to roll over from his tummy to his back, and then back to his tummy again; I didn’t realize how exciting these little milestones could be, until Stacy helped us reach them.

How has your relationship EPU affected your family?

After working with Stacy for the last two years, Xander has grown by leaps and bounds. Not only does she help Xander in the office once a week, but she also helps me as a mother. By explaining things as we go along, helping me see how the “playing” she was doing were actually working his much needed muscles. She gives me advice when I have questions, she eases my fears when I am unsure. She helped me give Xander finger food for the first time, we were afraid he would gag and choke because he struggled with baby food in the beginning. But he did great!

Do you have any advice you would like to give to  another parent?

Xander started Toddler group a few months ago,  he has just blossomed and enjoys his time with his classmates and teachers. I’ve been told snack time is his favorite time. You can always find Xander with a smile on his face, he absolutely knows he’s adorable and is a big googly eye flirt walking down the EPU halls. Tuesdays are Xander’s happy days, and he’s beaming from ear to ear the moment we get to the office. EPU is such a great resource, and the teachers become your friends and you know its more than just a job to them. EPU also allows me to interact with other parents and families of special needs children, I know that no matter who I spark a conversation with in the kitchen over coffee, we usually have a few things in common.