Bravo Becky! #EPU40

How long have you been affiliated with EPU?

I have been with EPU almost 2 years.

Tell us about your family?

My family consists of myself, and my daughters Tyleigh (17 years old) and Taytum (15 years old). My girls go to Clovis schools: Tyleigh is at Clovis High she is a senior and a cheerleader and Taytum is a sophomore at Clovis West. Both are beautiful and smart and amazing and hilarious!

What’s your favorite part about EPU?

My favorite part about EPU is the kiddos. They make me smile everyday. I am absolutely amazed by the growth of our kiddos every week and the strength of our families. These kids are the reason I am here. I love learning about our families and the obstacles they are overcoming or have overcome. The bond that we form with the families is something that’s hard to explain. In a way with some of these families we almost become part of the family. I have parents whose children I had in class and who no longer come here sending me videos of milestones- whether  its feeding themselves for the first time, or singing a song they learned at EPU, or even taking their first steps- I am thrilled when I receive those and am so thankful they thought of me to share these moments with. That is something special. Or when you are able to ease the parents minds when they are learning about the specifics  of their child’s diagnosis or the progress of development. It can be a very scary thing when it comes to learning about any delays your child might have or to receive a diagnosis that was not expected, and for us to have the ability to calm their worried mind or put them at ease a little is a very rewarding feeling.

What is your favorite EPU memory?

I think my favorite EPU memory was with a little guy who came through EPU who is on the spectrum and had no verbal at all. He was in my SCERTS class and also in TG3 with me. He had the greatest smile and melted my heart every time I saw him. One day I saw him in the hall with a speech therapist and I said “Hi!” and smiled and waved to him as always. As I turned back around I heard this little ”Hi!”– He had not spoken previously and all of us in the hallway just exploded with excitement! The fact he finally spoke AND it was a “Hi” to me just made me smile so hard!! He and I had a great little bond. Since he has left our program I am still in touch with the family and receive updates and videos often. He is doing fantastic and both parents have an understanding of his diagnosis and support which they got from being here. I love that!

What has EPU taught you?

EPU has taught me so much but I think one of the greatest things it has taught me is empathy. We all have our own perspectives that come from our own personal experiences and while we may not fully understand some of our families circumstances fully, we need to put our feelings or our story aside and look at things through their eyes. Thru their situation and what they are facing. It has helped me to look at each family as individuals and go into every situation with a clear mind and open heart. Each of our families are unique and amazing in their own way and I could not think of anything else I would want to do–and nowhere else I want to be other than here at EPU.

The strength and support of my coworkers is also such a huge thing for me. My SCERTS crew is absolutely irreplaceable and my office mate is one of a kind. I love them and appreciate all they have taught me and continue to teach me. They are there for support or for laughs and everything in between.