Celebrating Cindi – Early Childhood Specialist #EPU40


This week’s installment of the #EPU40 profiles Teacher Cindi, one of our veteran Early Childhood Specialists. Cindi’s dedicated and compassionate service to EPU has served countless children over the years. We are so fortunate to have Cindi in our EPU family for over 25 years! Meet Cindi below:

How did you first hear about EPU?
I first heard about EPU on July 4th, 1991, just hours after my son Jordan was born (1:00am on July 3, 1991). We had just been told that Jordan had Down syndrome. The news was so overwhelming and so was the information I was given, so I filed it away for a later date. Three weeks later after many phone calls which I ignored (still overwhelmed on top of new mommy duties), I finally answered a most persistent EPU representative who did come to my house. (If I didn’t invite her, she would not stop calling). She was great! She held and hugged my son, she told me how beautiful he was, and then she told me the many ways EPU could help him, my husband and I. I was skeptical but went into EPU shortly after that. Going to EPU for the first time was a wonderful experience. At a time I didn’t know how the world would treat my son, the EPU doors opened and the staff surrounded me and embraced Jordan like he was worth gold. Which he is!! One year later, Jordan’s interventionist told me that soon EPU would be needing another Early Childhood Specialist and that my degree would fit the qualifications. (I have a B.A. in Communicative Disorders and was working on my Master’s in Deaf Education at the time Jordan was born.) I was excited! I love this place and how it was there for me at a significant moment in my life, and now I could pay it forward with families yet to come. Luckily, they hired me!! This will be 25 years ago on July 6th.

Tell us about your family? 

My husband and I (married 28 years) and then Jordan is the oldest of 3, having a sister and brother.

What is your favorite part about EPU?
My favorite part about EPU is the warm and friendly staff and how they truly embrace each family that enters our doors. They give acceptance, encouragement, and hope to those who may feel alone, rejected, and afraid of what the future holds. I know this because that used to be me.


What is your favorite part about your job?
What I like about my job specifically is the children. They are fun, funny, persistent, creative, and brave. All of them. They give me energy, they give me joy, they give me love. I hope I return that to them and to their parents.


What has EPU taught you?
What EPU has given back to me are many happy years of connections to wonderful people. It has helped me grow in patience and acceptance. It has given me a beautiful outlook on life.