Enabling Families to Thrive. Meet: Rebecca and Fox! #EPU40


What brought you to EPU?

A referral when my son Fox was diagnosed with Down syndrome. When we got to EPU, we were surrounded by such support, and I was really taken aback. EPU equipped me with the tools necessary to help Fox with his early intervention. I am so thankful for EPU!

Tell us about your child?

Fox just turned 2 years old! He is the light of my life—he’s just full of smiles and happiness. Fox thrives at EPU!

What services do you receive at EPU?

We’ve had many services here at EPU. Fox started out with the Early Intervention program where he has a teacher who works with him on pretty much everything. He then transitioned into physical therapy where we focused on walking and crawling. We are now starting to do speech therapy here at EPU! All of the teachers are just amazing; they go above and beyond for Fox. EPU gives us the tools we need to go home and work with Fox ourselves. We just feel so blessed that EPU is in our lives and that they are able to do so much for us.

How has EPU impacted your family?

EPU has really strengthened our family relationships. EPU gives us the tools to go home and work with Fox on different things—his strengths, his walking ability and his speech. It has been such a great experience and has brought me and my husband closer together—we have such hope for the future now.

Do you have advice for other parents?

My advice for other parents is to take advantage of EPU—they are amazing. I have tried services and paid out of pocket— and they don’t even compare to the services we get at EPU at no cost! EPU is amazing—take advantage of these services and take advantage of what they can offer you. Believe me, it really pays off. It’s amazing!