EPU Gives Parents the Keys to Communication! Meet Noah and Naomi: #EPU40



This week’s installment of the #EPU40 profiles Naomi and Noah. Noah graduated from EPU’s program, but he and his mom remain in our family for life! Read about their journey below:

What brought you to EPU?

My son Noah was about a year and a half old when we noticed he wasn’t speaking. I did some research and spoke to my fellow mom friend that had experience with speech delay, and she told me to get professional help from CVRC. When CVRC evaluated him and told me he had a speech delay my heart broke, I thought the worse wen I knew I shouldnt. CVRC immediately referred me to EPU.


Tell us about your child?

Noah is 3 years old now and using 10+ words in a sentence now. He misses EPU so much and since he is no longer apart of EPU he focuses a lot everyday on trying to use and say new words clearly. We are so proud of him.


What was/is your experience with EPU?

We learned a lot from EPU and of course we cannot forget the help from Mrs. Cindi Aljian. We as a family have learned that anything is possible. I wasn’t alone. EPU helped me so much with my concerns as well as extra help for home techniques.

How has your relationship with EPU affected you and your family’s lives?

To having no clue on how to communicate with Noah, to now using all sorts of different skills and techniques. such as, sounding out words and focusing on details of objects that we had never guessed would him help. We can now communicate with our son when we thought it wasn’t possible. We are so thankful for EPU!


Do you have any advice you would like to give to another parent?

Be very Patient. Patience is the key! Never be afraid to ask questions. No question is a wrong one. Never lose hope and always look at your wonderful child and think to yourself. They can do it!