Family Faculty Empowers Parents – Stephanie and Remington – #EPU40


This week’s installment of the #EPU40 profiles Stephanie and Remington. Stephanie joined the EPU family in 2013 and has been an active member of the Family Faculty ever since. Learn how EPU’s support and comprehensive programs enabled Remington to succeed:

  • What brought you to EPU?           

We first came to EPU when Remington was just over a year old. He was diagnosed through CVRC with a speech delay and a developmental delay. At 15 months, Remi could only say “Hi,” but with Early Intervention, he learned sign langugae. He didn’t say ‘mom’ until he was 19 months old (which was a huge milestone for me personally). Remington did not learn how to walk until after 14 months, as well.

  • Tell me about your child?

Remi is a rambunctious 3-year-old, who now has a very extensive vocabulary. He has multiple health conditions, which only sometimes slow him down. He is smart, funny, and very loving.

  • What was/is your experience with EPU?

EPU has greatly enriched my life personally because I am now a part of Family Faculty– I get to share experiences with people and perhaps help others. But here we as parents were also given hope. In the beginning of our journey with EPU, we weren’t sure if our son would ever be able to speak. With his many health conditions, we weren’t sure what the future would hold for him. With intervention, he was able to catch up developmentally to other children his age. We hope that someday Remi will be able to attend school regularly.

  • Do you have any advice you would like to give to  another parent?

I would like to encourage parents just starting out at EPU to “stick with it.” You learn a lot of information (and acronyms) very quickly, and at times it is a lot of work and can become overwhelming. But you are giving your child the best opportunity and help possible. All the struggle and work that you put into, will make all the difference for your child’s future.