Kudos for Kris! #EPU40

Tell us about your EPU story—how did you get here?

I came to EPU in 2006 from Valley Children’s Hospital. Kelly, the speech pathologist here at the time, had been asking me to come to EPU for several years.  One day Kelly called me and the time was right and I have been here ever since.

How long have you been affiliated with EPU?

I have been at EPU for 10 years.  I started at part-time and slowly worked my way to full time.

Tell us about your family?

My husband and I have been married for 27 years  (almost 28 now). We have 4 children (3 boys 1 girl) My 3 oldest children are in college and working.  My youngest is 15 and in high school.

What’s your favorite part about EPU? What’s your favorite EPU memory?

I love that we are a family centered program.  A child’s progress in their development is more than just meeting milestones, it is about building relationships and empowering the family so the child and family can reach their greatest potential.  There are so many great memories here and it’s hard to just pick one, but I really do like Christmas time here at EPU.

What’s the best part of being a physical therapist for children?

The best  part of being a PT for kids is sharing the joy with the parents when their child does something for the first time. Every first, big or small, is important.  From the first time a child will look and reach out for his/her parent to taking their first step.  I help the kids with their movement, but a large part of what I do is teaching  the parents what they can do at home. I see the kids for such a small part of their week and the parents are with them all of the time so when the parents continue working and playing with them at home that is when we see changes in their development.  I am so happy and excited for the family when they come back the following week and the child is doing something new.  Of course the kids are so cute and fun to be around.

What’s in the cards for your future? What are your plans for EPU’s PT offerings moving forward?

I will continue to provide the best services I can for the families at EPU.  My goal is to decrease the wait time to get a physical therapy assessment. There is some initial planning going on with the physical therapy program  at Fresno State (my Alma Mater) and I am excited to see how that will develop.

What has EPU taught you?

Every person has their own story.  What we see is not always what is reflective of what is happening in a person’s life.