Meet The Board: William Chaltraw, Vice President of the Board #EPUBoard

I am William E. Chaltraw, Jr., and I joined EPU’s Board of Directors in 2016  and currently serve as the Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors.  I am the Senior Vice-President and Chief Legal Officer for Valley Children’s Healthcare.  I have been married to my lovely wife, Leslie, for almost 12 years and have 2 children, Kate (10) and Jake (7).  I am a Fresno native and am personally familiar with many friends who have received the care and support of EPU over the years.

When asked to serve on the EPU Board of Directors, I was honored to be affiliated with an organization that has made such an incredible impact on the youth and families in our community.  Having worked with the healthcare community for years, and most recently in the pediatric healthcare community at Valley Children’s Healthcare, I have seen first-hand the importance of EPU’s role in early childhood development and impact on families in the Central Valley.  The best part of serving on the EPU Board of Directors is to use my time and skills to assist the organization to sustain its mission and grow its services to help more in the community.

My favorite part of EPU are the staff and volunteers and their commitment, which you can experience every time you walk through the doors of EPU.  I continue to be in awe of their dedication to help families and children and ensure that they receive quality services, education and compassionate support.

To be part of an organization that has grown from a small support group for parents almost 40 years ago to an organization that now serves almost a thousand children and family members a week is a privilege. I am committed to serving the organization in any way I can to ensure that we fulfill our commitment to strengthen and empower children and families who face extraordinary medical, developmental, and parenting challenges.