The Power of PT, Hard Work & The Disney Store: A Guest Blog

The power of physical therapy is astounding! For the past 11 years, I have worked with children on their strength and mobility, all aimed at empowering them to live successful lives. It is so wonderful to see children grow in their abilities and get stronger and more confident with each session. Last month, Audrey was able to break through her comfort zone and use her power chair at the every child’s favorite destination– the Disney Store.

After months and months of practicing using her electric wheelchair within EPU’s hallways and parking lot, Audrey was ready to take on the town. We loaded up one of our EPU vans and headed for Fashion Fair, where Audrey, without hesitation, made a beeline for the Disney Store.

Audrey shopping with her Christmas gift– a gift card to the Disney Store! Her increased strength and mobility allowed her to navigate through the store’s many aisles and attractions with no fear. The best part of our trip to the mall was seeing that Audrey knew exactly what she wanted, and most importantly, she explored.

Audrey analyzing the merchandise. Maui from Moana is a strong contender.

Success! Audrey, her parents and the fantastic Disney Store staff with her new purchase: Maui from Moana!

Audrey browsing through the Disney Store’s iPad to listen to her favorite song.

This was a trip to remember. Little Audrey’s tenacity, strength and curiosity enabled her to have this unforgettable experience. I hope that after this trip to the mall, Audrey will be empowered to continue exploring the mall on her own and seeking new experiences. Major kudos to Audrey’s parents for their continued work with Audrey– with their help, who knows how far Audrey will go? (Special kudos to you Moana fans!)

Until next time,