Remarkable Amber! Meet Amber Saldate-Stubbs, LMFT #EPU40

Meet Amber Saldate-Stubbs, LMFT, in our latest #EPU40 feature! Amber has been a tremendous help to the Learning About Parenting and Infant Family programs. We are so fortunate to have this thoughtful, accomplished leader on our staff. Meet Amber below!

Tell us about your EPU story—how did you get here?

I have known about EPU since was a young girl as I had family members who received services here.  When I found out EPU needed mental health clinicians, I knew this would be an excellent opportunity to be able to expand my experience to include working with children and families.

Tell us about your LMFT license—what’s the most rewarding part about your job?

I have been licensed for two years but have worked as a Marriage Family Therapist in the community of Fresno since 2010.  I have worked primarily in public service with our unserved and under served populations.  The most rewarding part of this work has been the relationships I have been able to form with my clients and their willingness to instill their trust in me by sharing their innermost vulnerable experiences.  I feel so honored and grateful for these opportunities to help those that are in need of support, empathy, and validation.

How long have you been affiliated with EPU?

I have been with EPU for a year and half but have known of their presence in our community since I was a young girl.  I had family members who participated in EPU services and benefited from all that the organization has to offer.

Tell us about your family?

My husband and I have been together for almost 5 years and we have a very active two year old boy! He has brought so much joy to our lives and we are happy to say we are expecting baby number two in August of this year.  We are excited to be expanding our family and are ready for the wild ride!

What’s your favorite part about EPU? What’s your favorite EPU memory?

My favorite part about working at EPU is the Vision.  When EPU talks about putting our families first and investing in the quality of our services, they truly mean it.  I have been so moved by EPU’s willingness to remain committed to walking the walk.

What’s in the cards for your future? What are your plans for EPU and LAP moving forward?

I hope to be able to continue providing quality mental health services and working in collaboration with our EPU staff.  I have been fortunate to work alongside some very talented and exceptional people and my goal is to continue working together to offer our families the support they need to be successful.  In addition to working for EPU, I also have a small private practice where I am able to serve even more people in our community.

What has EPU taught you?

EPU has taught me to remain focused on quality and not compromising my work for the sake of quantity.  Although it would be our dream to reach as many families as we could, EPU has never wavered in their commitment to prioritizing the needs of our families and serving them with our fullest ability.