Ryleigh’s The Real Deal! #EPU40

We love to share a great EPU success story! Meet Ryleigh in this week’s edition of the #EPU40 and learn about how EPU gave hope to her mother Angela:

What brought us to EPU?  At Ryleigh’s 12 month well check her dad and I expressed concern as Ryleigh was not talking, crawling, or walking.  We were referred to CVRC for a formal evaluation. After the evaluation, we were then sent to EPU for early intervention services.


A little about Ryleigh:  Ryleigh is our miracle baby.  She is strong willed and also extremely loving. She loves music, dancing, running, and jumping. Ryleigh loves to play pretend house with her babies, along with singing and reading books. She is an all around amazing little girl who we couldn’t love more!!


Our experience at EPU: EPU has helped our family in so many ways, like how to help Ryleigh gain the strength to walk. Now she is running everywhere! EPU has taught our family basic sign language so Ryleigh has a way of communicating while building her confidence to communicate with speech. This is now our primary focus, working towards Ryleigh being about to communicate with speech instead of throwing a tantrum because she cannot tell us what she needs or wants. We are so very thankful for EPU and the knowledge and experience they bring forth everyday to help our children.


What we hope for Ryleigh:  We hope for Ryleigh to continue learning and thriving. To become her best self and be active in school, sports, dance, and whatever she may want to do. We are so very pleased with her progress here and only want her to continue to grow.


Words of Advice:  Always be patient and take time to listen. My all time favorite quote: “Speak to your children as if they are the wisest, kindest, most beautiful and magical humans on earth, for what they believe is what they become.”