Vicki’s Values: #EPU40


Tell us about your EPU story—how did you get here?

I started in November of 1992. I was the Mom to 3 sons at the time.  The youngest (Patrick) being born with Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, which caused Cerebral Palsy, seizures and significant developmental delays.  In 1997 we adopted a daughter from Ethiopia.  Patrick did not attend Early Intervention at EPU because we were living in Los Angeles at the time.  When we moved, I called and found out about EPU, joined a support group, several months later joined the staff and the rest is history.

Tell us about your family?


I am married. My husband is the Federal Security Director for the Department of Homeland Security for the Central Valley and Inyo/Mono.  I have 3 sons, 1 daughter, and 6 grandkids.  Life is busy!   Fortunately 5 of my grandkids live in Fresno/Clovis area so I get to see them often.

What’s your favorite part about EPU?


My favorite part of EPU is definitely the people. I have had the pleasure to work and serve so many wonderful people while I have been here.   I have the upmost respect and admiration for everyone that works here.  I have had the pleasure of holding different titles and working with very interesting people throughout the years.  I began as a Family Resource Specialist, then became the Assistant Manager of FRC, held the title of manager of the Central Valley Inclusion Network, managed the FRC for a time between staff assignments, Director of the SOAR! Program for 12 years, and currently hold the title of Adult Transition Specialist serving families with children aged 12-adult.  I am currently also serving on the State Council for the Department of Rehabilitation in Sacramento till 2019.  The Parent Training and Information Center is the only program under the EPU umbrella that serves 13 counties.  This gives us a chance to interact with families throughout a large portion of the state.

What’s your favorite EPU memory?


2007 would be the most pivotal year of my life so far. I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer, and both of my parents and my husband’s parents all passed away that year.  Throughout that ordeal, the staff at EPU was wonderful.  They stood beside me at doctor appointments, hospital stays, at hospice, at funerals, etc.   It was during those periods of times that I truly knew who my friends were.

What has EPU taught you?

EPU has helped teach me how precious each moment is. All we are guaranteed is today so make the most of it!