You’ve Seen Our Fantastic Facility, Now Meet The Man Behind It All – Amazing Aaron! #EPU40


  • Tell us about your EPU story—how did you get here?

I spent the last 11 years in property management as maintenance and maintenance manager, I’ve had my own handyman business on the side for 9 years. I’ve done several other jobs over the years such as catering and banquet manager, sales and limo driver. I’m also a certified Home Inspector and that business is in the works.  I was looking for a change and saw an opening at EPU, the job is all the things that I’m good at and enjoy wrapped into one.

  • How long have you been affiliated with EPU?

I started here at EPU on Dec. 19th 2016.

  • Tell me about your family?

I have three kids. My daughter Samantha is 17, she works at Fashion Fair mall and graduated from high school this past June. My son Joseph is 16, he’s working on getting his driver’s license and works for his uncle doing construction during his school breaks. My daughter Stacy is starting high school next year and plans on going to school to be a chef when she graduates.  I grew up with three older sisters, Cindy, Stacy and Annie. I lost Cindy and Stacy over the years both to breast cancer, now it’s just my sister Annie and I but we are very close. My parents are both ministers and have 14 food pantries where they minister and feed the homeless.

  • What’s your favorite part about EPU?

My favorite part about EPU is how everyone is here to help others. Life is tough out there and life situations happen. It’s nice that there is a place like EPU where parents can meet with other parents that are going through similar situations and the kids can get help in areas that they are struggling with.

  • What’s your goal for EPU? What do you want to see happen here? What are you working toward?

My goal with EPU is already in the works, I’m just trying to getting everything where it should be and then maintain it. I already am having the parking lot resealed and stripped next month, I’m having all the A/C wells reroofed next month to stop our roof leaks. I’m having 16 new fire alarm sirens installed so that every room can hear the alarm in case of an emergency. I’ve scheduled fire extinguisher training in April so that everyone knows how to use one in case of an emergency. I’m having an additional camera installed in our van cage to help protect our vehicles and have the trees being cleaned up to prevent people from jumping over the fence. I’m making sure are vehicle logs are up to date and that they get checked and serviced regularly.   My goal is to make sure our facilities are safe, employees and families are comfortable and everything is in perfect working condition at all times.

  • What has EPU taught you?

EPU has taught me that no matter who you are or what you’re going through, that there are people that will do whatever they can to help you or to make things easier for you. I’ve never seen so many loving and caring people in one building before.