Programs & Services

EPU has emerged as a leader in providing and promoting comprehensive, family-centered early intervention services through five major programs:

Parent Training and Information Center

S.O.A.R.PTI= Parent Training and Information Center.

EPU is a Federally funded Parent Training and Information Center. We provide parent training and resources to 13 counties.

Family Resource Center

Family Resource CenterThe Family Resource Center (FRC) is the umbrella for programs serving parents of children with disabilities. Staffed by parents and other close family members of children who live with a disability, the FRC provides parent to parent support groups, information about specific disabilities, and assistance in locating and accessing services and training on how parents can become advocates for their children. Training and advocacy support for families is provided in 13 counties. EPU is a Parent Training and Information Center serving families of children and youth with disabilities from birth to 26 years old.

Infant Family Program

Infant Family ProgramThe Infant Family Program (IFP) serves infants from birth to three years of age whose development is delayed, have a diagnosed condition that is known to cause developmental delays, or have medical conditions that affect their development. Services are based on the unique needs of each child and family and are guided by an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP).

One Call for Kids

Gentle StartOne Call for Kids (OCK) is the number to call for assistance in finding services and help for young children. Knowledgeable bilingual staff are able to assist parents, physicians, childcare providers and others who have concerns about the learning, development, socialization or behavior of young children. Staff can provide callers with information and assistance with linkage to community services both general and specialized. OCK serves as the centralized call center for Help Me Grow Fresno County.

Learning about Parenting

Learning about ParentingThe Learning about Parenting (LAP) program is a comprehensive, culturally responsive program that utilizes a multi-disciplinary team approach to provide family-centered services to overburdened families who face extraordinary life challenges which place their children at risk for abuse and neglect. The LAP program provides home visitation, parenting classes, supervised visitation, knowledge of child development, support groups, and interactive play groups. The program targets teen parents, parents in recovery from substance abuse, and parents with developmental delays and their children from birth to five years of age.

Play & Grow

Play & GrowThe Play and Grow Program at EPU provides play groups for families who are currently participating in any of EPU’s programs. Infants and toddlers learn best when they are interested, supported, and nurtured. Play and Grow provides positive interactions and play opportunities to support social, emotional, and developmental growth.

Assessment Center For Children

Assesment Center for ChilderenThe Assessment Center for Children (ACC) assess children whose parents and caregivers have multiple concerns about their child’s learning, development, socialization or behavior and are experiencing difficulty in obtaining services to address them. The Assessment Center is staffed by speech/language and mental/behavioral health professionals. A staff of bilingual Care Coordinators assist families living in Fresno County with accessing needed services both at the ACC and in the community.