One Call For Kids



One Call for Kids (OCK) is the number to call for assistance in finding services and help for young children. Knowledgeable bilingual staff are able to assist parents, physicians, childcare providers and others who have concerns about the learning, development, socialization or behavior of young children. Staff can provide callers with information and assistance with linkage to community services both general and specialized.

OCK serves as the centralized call center for Help Me Grow Fresno County, assisting 3,000 families annually with linking to services.

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One Call for Kids staff will:

  • Help you decide which services are right for you, your child and family
  • Link you to the right services in the area or here at EPU Children’s Center
  • Aid you in using the “Ages and Stages”(ASQ) and “Ages and Stages Social Emotional Questionnaires” (ASQ:SE)
  • Offer support for developmental milestone checks and monitoring

One Call for Kids often make referrals for:

  • California Early Start
  • Childcare resources
  • Early intervention and prevention programs
  • Family resource centers
  • Mental/behavioral health
  • Parent advocacy and advocacy training
  • Parenting classes and support groups
  • Preschools and schools
  • Public health
  • Social services

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